Camper L03 This camper sleeps 4.  It has a lake view however does not have a yard.  It has just enough comfortable space.

Camper L01 This camper sleeps 6 and is our most modern camper.  It has a great view of the lake as well as a yard.  While this camper sleeps 6, it is most comfortable with up to 4 people.




Camper L02 This camper sleeps 6.  It has a small view of the lake and has a yard to the side. While this camper sleeps 6, it is most comfortable with up to 4 people.  This is a great camper for the "honeymooners".

Contact us at 865.776.2594 to make reservations at our Sevierville, Tennessee Campground on Douglas Lake.

Pictured are the campers currently on our rental program.  We have temporarily removed all others due to remodeling.

Camper L06 This camper sleeps 4 however with the extra space can sleep up to 6 if you bring an air mattress or sleeping bags.  This is our most spacious camper being 40 ft long with a 12 ft wide living room.  This camper has a yard, large bathroom and spacious porch.  It has a limited view of the lake however a beautiful view of the wooded scenery, sunrise and sunset.

NOTE:  The nightly rent for this camper is priced differently than our other "sleeps 4" campers.

Camper L05 This camper sleeps 6.  This is an older camper however has plenty of space.  It has a small view of the lake and has a yard.

Camper L04  This camper sleeps 6.  It does not have a yard or lake view.  While this camper does sleep 6, it doesn't have a lot of "moving around each other" room however does the job if you are planning on being outside more than inside.